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3 Easy Veggie Meal ideas

3 Veggie Lunch Ideas to get the Week Started

Hi All, hope you’re all having a great start to the week. Just a quickie post just to say helllo. Also seeing as the weather is still trying to give in to the fact it’s Spring these 3 meal ideas may come in handy this week. Hope you enjoy:) Do check out my new blog […]

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Giveaway: Greenside Up Gift Grown Your Own Seed Collection

Giveaway: Grow Your Own Seed Collection from Greenside Up

Hi All, It’s been a while but I’ve been tied up with setting up a business and it’s taking up more time than I’d hoped. My intention was to keep this blog full of new posts about the venture. Sadly the hassle due to other people and events would’ve turned my site into a ‘moaning […]

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Spelt & Dairy-free Mince Pies

Spelt & Dairy-free Mince Pies

Do you treat yourself on Christmas Eve when all the work is done? Probably old habits with me stemming from when I was a child. After midnight Mass we’d all huddled around the coal fire as it beamed it’s heat out at us. Bear in mind there was no such thing as central heating so […]

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Xylitol sweetened Cherry & Cranberry Sauce

Where oh where have I been you may well ask? In short I’ve been lost working hard on a project with Tony and a lot of  time was spent in Waterford, which for those of you outside Ireland, and don’t know, is in the ‘sunny’ south-east. I hadn’t access to the internet much either so […]

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Vegan Beetroot & Chickpea Burger

A light hearty healthy lunch packed with goodness so I think the little indulgence of some rapeseed oil isn’t any harm.  The oil does bring a nice browning to the burger which makes it look appetising. Now that I can’t eat meat (which I was never a great lover of anyhow), no dairy, no egg […]

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Butternut Squash & Chestnut Soup

This soup has a moreish caramelly,  mushroomy taste even though none of them are in this soup. It’s ideal for putting those hunger pangs at bay. Serve with a baked potato which is great for dipping into the soup. Enjoy! Serves 3-4 INGREDIENTS: 230 g thinly sliced onion 340 g chopped butternut squash 200 g […]

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Irish Examiner Christmas Cake Recipe Competition 2012

Get your spatulas primed and whisks at the ready if you’d like the chance to win a weekend away. On Saturday last, 3 November 2012, the Irish Examiner launched their Christmas Cake Recipe Competition for 2012. The winner will win a luxury weekend away in Aghadoe Heights Hotel in Killarney. Judges: The Irish Examiner food writers […]

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Vegetable & Mixed Pepper Crumble

Free from Dairy / Egg / Wheat Vegan & Vegetarian Awholesome indulgent ‘cheesy’ mix of vegetables with a crunchy walnut and gluten-free topping. Hopefully it’ll cheer people living in Ireland up a little as the imposed unjustly cruel austerity bites and we no longer have a voice and the people entrusted to look after our […]

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Easy on the Carbs Spaghetti Squash & ‘Creamy’ Mixed Mushrooms

Free from Dairy / Egg / Wheat I came across spaghetti squash in Avoca at the weekend, read the simple instructions on how to cook (can be microwaved, baked or boiled). I decided on baking it. The spaghetti squash caught my eye as once cooked, unlike other squash I’ve used, you run a fork lengthways […]

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Spelt & Eggless Pancake

Free of Egg / Dairy / Sugar / Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly Spelt flour is used Sweetener: Agave syrup “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” by Bill Withers. I’m humming that in my head for the last hour as I sit having breakfast watching the silent but persistent rain falling on the green grass and […]

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