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Spelt & Eggless Pancake

Free of Egg / Dairy / Sugar / Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly Spelt flour is used Sweetener: Agave syrup “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” by Bill Withers. I’m humming that in my head for the last hour as I sit having breakfast watching the silent but persistent rain falling on the green grass and […]

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Hazelnut & Raw Cacao Creams

Oozing Irishness – Goodalls ‘Modern Irish Cooking’ Cookbook on sale from 20th October 2012

Just a quick peek at my Hazelnut & Raw Cacao Creams biscuit recipe which is appearing in the Goodalls ‘Modern Irish Cooking’ cookbook going on sale on the Goodalls site from 20th October 2012. Goodalls have two main aims, firstly to highlight Irish culinary tradition as it exists in 2012. Secondly, all the proceeds (minus unavoidable fees from Paypal) are being […]

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Originally posted on Spelt for Choice: Marian's Dairy Free & Egg Free Kitchen:
Although I am on a personal mission to reduce my cane and beet sugar to zero mainly to stop the energy drain with it. There are times when a dessert just could do with that texture or a friend drops by…

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Baked Paprika Sweet Potato Fries & Not Sticking to Healthy Eating Regime

I set out on The Happy Pear ‘The Happy Heart‘ course last week, delighted with myself, Images of being at my ideal weight by Christmas enveloping me like a satisfying veil of achievement. Roll on to a week later to when I actually decided (well found time..) to read the course rules. Unaware I’d happily […]

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‘Cheesy Popcorn’

Happy Friday! Hope you are all gearing up for a fabulous weekend. Wishing you a wonderful fun time whatever you’re up to. This is just a quick tip for a light snack. If you make popcorn now and again just before serving sprinkle some nutritional flakes on top. The nutritional flakes give a ‘cheesy’ flavour […]

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Black Bean Carrot & Orange Pepper Burger

Looking for a burger that you keep licking your lips as you eat it? Well that’s exactly what I got when I ate this today. A wholesome and tasty black bean burger made even more special with the addition of my cayenne spiced dairy free yogurt. The creaminess of the dairy-free yogurt, with the heat […]

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Polenta Pizza

So Good Gluten-Free Polenta Pizza Nothing more I can say really. I found this on Mamacino while web surfing and eating breakfast this morning. I was glad as I’ve had a bag of polenta staring at me, nay begging me, to give it a try for a few months now. Have you ever used polenta before? I hadn’t […]

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A quick and easy Broccoli & Basil Soup

Broccoli & Basil Soup

Do you prefer making a soup out of broccoli than having it as a side vegetable, or is it just me? I do as you can add so many wonderful vegetables and nuts to it for a more interesting flavour. Having it as a side vegetable, unless smothered in a ‘creamy’ sauce, just doesn’t really […]

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Spelt for Choice Shortlisted in Blog Awards Ireland 2012

Hi, just to let you now Spelt for Choice blog has been shortlisted in the Best Food/Drink Blog category, It was just a lovely fabulous surprise to see my blog got to the Shortlist. Wahoo! Thanks to all of you who nominated me. Marian

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Blueberry Redcurrant & Avocado Smoothie

Blueberry, Redcurrant & Avocado Smoothie

When I saw the blueberries and redcurrants on special offer yesterday in my local shop I grabbed a few packs. Happy thoughts of smoothies and possibly a berry crumble to be made were making me hungry on the drive back home . For starters this morning I threw some of them into the liquidiser and […]

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