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Giveaway: Greenside Up Gift Grown Your Own Seed Collection

Giveaway: Grow Your Own Seed Collection from Greenside Up

Hi All, It’s been a while but I’ve been tied up with setting up a business and it’s taking up more time than I’d hoped. My intention was to keep this blog full of new posts about the venture. Sadly the hassle due to other people and events would’ve turned my site into a ‘moaning […]

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Cranberry & Cherry Sauce

Xylitol sweetened Cherry & Cranberry Sauce

Where oh where have I been you may well ask? In short I’ve been lost working hard on a project with Tony and a lot of  time was spent in Waterford, which for those of you outside Ireland, and don’t know, is in the ‘sunny’ south-east. I hadn’t access to the internet much either so […]

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Beetroot Quinoa Burger with Raw Salad & GF toast

Vegan Beetroot & Chickpea Burger

A light hearty healthy lunch packed with goodness so I think the little indulgence of some rapeseed oil isn’t any harm.  The oil does bring a nice browning to the burger which makes it look appetising. Now that I can’t eat meat (which I was never a great lover of anyhow), no dairy, no egg […]

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Chestnut & Squash Soup

Butternut Squash & Chestnut Soup

This soup has a moreish caramelly,  mushroomy taste even though none of them are in this soup. It’s ideal for putting those hunger pangs at bay. Serve with a baked potato which is great for dipping into the soup. Enjoy! Serves 3-4 INGREDIENTS: 230 g thinly sliced onion 340 g chopped butternut squash 200 g […]

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Mixed Veg CrumbleDSC_0310

Vegetable & Mixed Pepper Crumble

Free from Dairy / Egg / Wheat Vegan & Vegetarian Awholesome indulgent ‘cheesy’ mix of vegetables with a crunchy walnut and gluten-free topping. Hopefully it’ll cheer people living in Ireland up a little as the imposed unjustly cruel austerity bites and we no longer have a voice and the people entrusted to look after our […]

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Spaghetti SquashDSC_0297_2

Easy on the Carbs Spaghetti Squash & ‘Creamy’ Mixed Mushrooms

Free from Dairy / Egg / Wheat I came across spaghetti squash in Avoca at the weekend, read the simple instructions on how to cook (can be microwaved, baked or boiled). I decided on baking it. The spaghetti squash caught my eye as once cooked, unlike other squash I’ve used, you run a fork lengthways […]

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Sweet Potato Fries with paprikaDSC_0281_2

Baked Paprika Sweet Potato Fries & Not Sticking to Healthy Eating Regime

I set out on The Happy Pear ‘The Happy Heart‘ course last week, delighted with myself, Images of being at my ideal weight by Christmas enveloping me like a satisfying veil of achievement. Roll on to a week later to when I actually decided (well found time..) to read the course rules. Unaware I’d happily […]

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'Cheesy' Popcorn

‘Cheesy Popcorn’

Happy Friday! Hope you are all gearing up for a fabulous weekend. Wishing you a wonderful fun time whatever you’re up to. This is just a quick tip for a light snack. If you make popcorn now and again just before serving sprinkle some nutritional flakes on top. The nutritional flakes give a ‘cheesy’ flavour […]

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Black Bean Carrot & Orange Pepper Burger

Black Bean Carrot & Orange Pepper Burger

Looking for a burger that you keep licking your lips as you eat it? Well that’s exactly what I got when I ate this today. A wholesome and tasty black bean burger made even more special with the addition of my cayenne spiced dairy free yogurt. The creaminess of the dairy-free yogurt, with the heat […]

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Polenta Pizza

Polenta Pizza

So Good Gluten-Free Polenta Pizza Nothing more I can say really. I found this on Mamacino while web surfing and eating breakfast this morning. I was glad as I’ve had a bag of polenta staring at me, nay begging me, to give it a try for a few months now. Have you ever used polenta before? I hadn’t […]

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