Easy Meal in a Hurry: Curried Vegetable Tostada

Vegan & Wheat Free Vegetable Tostada

Four days into jetlag, missing having food served up to me in friendly cafes, pubs etc I was HUNGRY. Enter warming homemade mild vegetable curry with a tostada (fried tortilla) thrown in for good measure.

With this one I’ve added a tostada base which provided a welcome crispy addition as the particular vegetable are quite bland (what’s a woman to do when the cupboard is nearly bare). Made a few extra tostadas, well you can’t only have two now can you? Best part of this vegetable curry is that it was so simple to make.

Vegan & Wheat Free Vegetable Tostada

Vegan & Wheat Free Vegetable Tostada

My Version of Tostadas:

I made these a few minutes towards the end of cooking the curry. I used the GF corn tortillas from My Mexican Shop and just fried each tortilla in a small amount of grapeseed oil in a medium frying pan for 20 seconds on each side. Drained each one as it came off the pan with kitchen paper. Once cooled they become crispy. Don’t overdo the oil, just a very thin layer or the tostadas will end up too greasy with a tendency to more easily burn. By the way as there is so little oil you most likely will have to add in more oil before each tortilla is fried.

If you have a deep fat fryer check out A Mexican Cook in Ireland’s blog for tips on making tostadas.

Serves 1

Ingredients for Curry:

15 button mushrooms
25g vegan butter*
2 minced garlic cloves
100g mixed peppers (I used equal quantities yellow and orange)
130g potatoes chopped into bite-sized cubes (I used 2 medium maris pipers)
1 tablespoon indian curry mix**
pinch cayenne pepper
200ml vegetable stock
100ml coconut milk****
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
Freshly ground pepper and sea salt flakes

2 GF corn tortillas*

Topping: dairy-free yogurt and about two tablespoons of chopped fresh coriander (or a mix of coriander and mint) but add in more if you like. I added mint second time around and I like it.


Melt the vegan butter and when melted add in the garlic and mix through.

Add in the mushrooms and peppers and indian spice, coriander and cayenne pepper, coating them in the vegan buttery sauce and fry on a low heat for 2 minutes. Remember to keep stirring to ensure nothing sticks to the pan.

Add in the stock, coconut milk, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
Bring to the boil and simmer until the vegetables are soft. Keep  Ensure you keep a lid on the pan or all your sauce will evaporate.. This took me about 15 minutes. Stir regularly to ensure nothing sticks to the pan.

Check the seasoning.

Add them to the tostadas and enjoy watching your favourite TV show.

I followed this satisfying supper with some Lily’s Tea Shop ‘White Tea with Lemon and Ginger and then I felt at home! It’s always something small that makes you feel you’re arrived back and are happy to be home from holidays, or maybe just looking forward to another holiday lined up does it for you, well whatever works I say.

Worth a try in  hurry. Have you a favourite dish you always turn to in a hurry?

Must dash lots to do. Chat soon, Marian

*Pure Soya Dairy Free ……
** OHCo’s Indian Spice Mix
***My Mexican Shop’s GF corn tortillas
*** Kara Coconut Milk (it’s lighter than the tinned full fat coconut milk, the latter would give a creamy texture. I knew I wouldn’t use a whole tin in this instance so went for the Kara version to avoid unnecessary waste).


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