Dairy Free Milk Tips & My First Video!

One of the highlights of last week was attending the KLCK Bloggers Photography & Video Workshop held in Kilkenny. Besides my video tip on dairy-free milk (see below), you’ll also find tips on coffee keeping you awake, video framing, photography rule of thirds, blogging consistently, upcoming chefs, sowing seeds, a food tip, and water wells – check them out on YouTubeat KLCK Bloggers Network.

Before we get to the short video here are some additional tops on specific dairy free milks. I did a bit of testing on the tea and coffee I use and the various milks you’ll find in my house so here goes, hope it all helps you.

General Tips on Using Dairy Free Milks in Tea and Coffee

  • Almond Milk:  Great in both tea and coffee. The best for the ‘creamy’ effect. Love using this one especially when I want to match Tony’s dairy creamed coffee or tea.
  • Light Coconut Milk : Great one for tea and coffee. I use this milk more than the rest as it’s the best priced one. First time you use it you’ll probably notice a slight coconut taste but now I drink it and don’t even get that taste.
  • Soya Milk (from fridge): Works really well in both tea and coffee.
  • Organic Soya Milk (UHT carton from shelf):
    Tea: Works great
    Freshly brewed coffee (decaf): Works great, no problems.
    Instant Coffee: Not great. When you use it coffee stir like crazy and drink. If you leave it sitting you need to re-stir again each time. I find it doesn’t fully blend in as well as the others but it’s grand if you’re stuck. However it really does make a fabulous soya cappuccino. 
  • Rice Milk: Rice milk works great in both. I don’t like using it much as it’s very watery and doesn’t give me that ‘creamy’ texture I like. If you don’t mind that then this is a great one to rely on.

Milks used:

  • Rice Dream Organic Rice Milk
  • Kara Coconut Milk
  • Alpro Soya Milk (refrigerated)
  • Alpro Organic Soya  Milk (UHT doesn’t need refrigeration until opened)
  • Alpro Almond milk

Coffees Used:

  • Clipper Decaf Organic Arabica 
  • Clipper Roast Organic Arabica
  • Nescafe Gold Blend Decaf
  • Clipper Freeze-Dried Arabic 

Tea: Rooiboos (sorry have discarded the packaging and have teabags stored in a container. It was either Bewleys or Robert Roberts).

Have you found the same with dairy free milks in coffee or have any other tips to share?

Video Dairy Free Milk Tip

So do you find that your dairy free milk ‘curdles’ or splits in your tea or coffee? I hate this, you have these bits of milk swimming on top and immersed in your hot beverage. Well I find this tip very handy tip with almond and light coconut milk.

Well what do you think of my first attempt?

Would you like to see more videos tips?


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3 Comments on “Dairy Free Milk Tips & My First Video!”

  1. May 26, 2012 at 2:15 am #

    This is great! Thanks for the tips. I love the video.

    • May 26, 2012 at 6:40 am #

      Patty, tks:). As you can imagine it was a bit nerve racking, but am pleased enough with the first one. Onto more and more of them, Yikes!!!:)


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    […] in the week I showed you my video (Dairy Free Milk Tips & My First Video!) taken at the KLCK Bloggers Photography & Video Workshop held in Kilkenny held on Friday […]

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