Vegan Kickstart 3: Butterbean & Red Onion Hummus

Vegan Kickstart Day 3: 

Dairy, Wheat, Gluten, Egg Free

Thanks to the Vegan Kickstart I’ve prepared a gorgeous hummus today. I saw a tomato hummus listed on the menu for today which I wasn’t too keen on therefore before I jumped right into the recipe I thought I’d give a try at one I’ve been wanting to create myself.

It’s based on a discussion I had with a nutritionist a few weeks back when I said chickpea hummus wasn’t one of my favourite snacks. On hearing that she suggested trying butterbeans in place of chickpeas. So rather than let it go any further and seeing thanks to the kickstart I had to make hummus anyway here’s what I ended up with. I must admit I’m a lover of hummus now. Yum…

Tony and I sat down and watched a recording of the TV show called ‘Leverage’ and enjoyed scoffing this off.


1 tin Butterbeans (400g tin, net weight 240g), rinsed and drained
1 small red onion sliced
2 tablespoons light tahini
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 tablespoons walnut oil
Salt & pepper to taste


Combine all the ingredients, except for the salt and pepper, in a food processor.
Season with the salt and pepper to taste. (I used Himalyan, but use another good quality sea salt). Just lightly sprinkle the salt and pepper into the food processor. Whiz up again and and more to suit your taste.

Serve: I served these up with tortilla crisps which are ideal for dipping into hummus and we found they really complemented the taste. Scrumptious and moreish…

It’s a real must try recipe.

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5 Comments on “Vegan Kickstart 3: Butterbean & Red Onion Hummus”

  1. April 4, 2012 at 9:58 pm #

    Now this is something I am really looking forward to trying – what a great idea – I love the idea of substituting butterbeans for the usual chickpeas – I imagine this would make the end result even creamier?

    • April 5, 2012 at 6:11 am #

      Hi Marie, thanks for comment. You’ve hit the nail on the head the butterbean certainly do give the hummus a silky smooth creaminess. I had been dreading making but so glad I was forced into it with the Vegan Kickstart. Marian


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