Millet & Quinoa Porridge: Wheat, Dairy & Gluten Free

Millet & Quinoa GF / WF / DF Porridge

Dairy-free / Gluten-free / Wheat-free

Sweetened with Agave Syrup or Manuka Honey

I’m hooked on this warming and silky smooth porridge at the moment. A great set you up for the day breakfast. It uses a small amount of the millet and quinoa flakes and yet you get a big hearty bowl of tasty warm breakfast. This porridge sets me up until lunchtime which suits me down to the ground lately, so maybe it can do the same for you too.

I use the Avonmore almond milk, this brand of the milk, is only new to the market and it’s a welcome addition to the marketplace seeing as it’s cheaper than the usual brands that have been floating about in health shops. I’ve only seen the Avonmore variety in supermarkets at the moment but hopefully it’ll become more widely available soon.

Why didn’t you use soya milk you may ask. Well the main reason is I don’t like soya and only use it when I’m stuck. The nut milks can add such a wonderful body and taste that I think it’s more than worth it. Having to give up foods I liked to eat just means I’m more determined to get the maximum flavour possible from the foods I can.

Millet & Quinoa Porridge with almond milk and sweetened with manuka honey

A heart warming bowl of WF/DF/GF porridge sweetened with manuka honey

Anyway enough of banter love to hear if you try the porridge and so here it is.

30g millet flakes
20g quinoa flakes
200-250ml almond milk
150ml light coconut milk*
50g defrosted berries*
6-8 toasted walnuts, chopped
1 teaspoon agave syrup or manuka honey

*I used light coconut milk (Kara brand) and add in more berries if you like more).


  1. Bring the flakes and milk to the boil in a medium saucepan, then let simmer for 5 minutes
  2. Keeping stirring otherwise the porridge will stick to the base of the saucepan (not as badly as oats though)
  3. Place the berries in the bottom of your bowl.
  4. Pour the flakes and milk over the top of the berries, using a spoon swirl the berries from the base around the porridge.
  5. Top off with the walnuts and drizzle the honey over the top.

Tip: Eat this straight away as it gets very clumpy if you leave it stand. (Had that problem whent when taking photos and it had to stand for a while. Much nicer when it’s warming and silky smoothness reaches your mouth so much nicer to savour).



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