My First Dairy-Free Choc Sauce / Mousse

Chocolate Peanut Mousse

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Ah this is so cute I had to share it with you.

I found it very nostalgic to remember how over-joyed I used to be on finding new foods that would open up my food restrictive world again.

I’m guessing the post was originally drafted in March 2011 as the only reason I didn’t post must have been when I fell, lost consciousness and landed in hospital, hope you enjoy.

March 2011: here we go

Being stuck for a while in dairy-free limbo up I used to stare in envy at others gorging on chocolate creations, milk skakes, ice cream etc. Luckily over the last few months I’ve come up with lots of new ways to combat this which will all be my new book. Still I get very excited at new products which ease the burden.

Well about a couple of weeks ago on Saturday I came across among other things the new Oatly cream alternative. I held it in both hands and thought of quickie chocolate sauces, mousses and the rest, My mind went into overdrive. I rushed off home with my purchases and straight to the kitchen.  Tony came out of the sitting room, thinking I’d won the lotto but I quickly pointed out that it was too early in the day (got me thinking though and double-checked that I had bought a ticket, phew I had, so the fingers were crossed).

At my freshly cleaned sparkling stainless steel hob I set to work.  Out came the pot, half filling it with water and set it to boil.  Next I placed my trusty heatproof glass bowl on the weighing scales and gathered my little feast of goodies.

Obviously there was bit of work here but it was quick and just involved throwing (placing) the few ingredients into a bowl, placing the bowl ono the pot and letting them melt very slowly. (once the water has boiled turn the heat off, or down low, so the mixture can melt slowly).

When melted whisk to ensure all are combined. Leave to cool. Add into pretty glasses or other nice bowls you have. Leave to thicken for 2-3 hours.

Serve with either toasted chopped peanuts or some sliced ripe pears and a drizzle of dairy-free cream, topped with a sprinkling of maple syrup.

Goodies you must have:

125g dark chocolate, McConnaills 70% dark (Dairy Free & Wheat Free)
210g crunchy peanut butter
1 packet oatly cream
55g xylitol

This sauce is luscious, velvety and smooth and as you see quick and easy.

Serves 2

lotto:  By the way didn’t win the lotto in the end, more’s the pity, but at least I had my choc indulgence to soothe me, onto next week’s lucky chance.

February 21012:

I remembered the cream being a little thicker at the time but then I may have been mistaken as it’s nearly a year ago. The Oatly pack does say it contains pure oats but this is not a guarantee that it’s gluten-free. I seem to tolerate it.

I still haven’t won the lotto yet, really would they just get their act together? I’m not going to keep buying tickets forever.

Oh by the way as you know my book is out and details can be found here (Dairy Free & Spelt Living) or click on the book icon on the left hand side of page.

Love to hear how you get on with this? If you like it you can click the like button at the end of the page and even connect with me on facebook or twitter.


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