Marian’s Morsels (6): Dairy Free Fudge (product review)


I ended up spending most of the day in Dublin city centre looking for Oatly cream.

Oatly is a dairy free alternative to milk and I needed it to re-test an old draft post for chocolate mousse. Still trying to figure out why it was left in drafts, as it looks finished. I concluded that it must’ve been shortly before I landed in hospital for a short stay and the post just got forgotten about. More on that chocolate mousse tomorrow.

Anyway on my search I came across this dairy-free fudge. I had first encountered it early last year. I had eaten the whole pack without taking any pictures and then when I returned to get more the shop was out of stock. Since then I’ve been searching numerous health stores for it’s return. No joy until today and got the last packet in the shop then.

The first time I bought this the shop assistant remarked that it reminded her of the best of the cheap fudge from years ago. And you know I agreed and it leaves you with a moreish longing. Plus a nostalgic trip as you are immediately brought back to soffing packets of similar as a child. By the way that’s meant as a compliment as if nostalgia is one of the company’s aims then they’ve scored high. Now I’m not too happy about the corn syrup or the sugar but on the rare occasion when you’re looking for a comfort food a trip down nostalgia lane can often do the trick.

Produced by: The Fabulous Fudge Factory and is Vegan and Vegetarian approved.

Ingredients: are sugar, corn syrup, soya, cocoa butter, vanilla flavouring.

Have you ever tried them or have a favourite shop bought snack you like?

Take care for now, Marian 


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2 Comments on “Marian’s Morsels (6): Dairy Free Fudge (product review)”

  1. February 17, 2012 at 2:58 pm #

    How interesting Marian – I’ve never come across this product before.

  2. February 17, 2012 at 3:32 pm #

    Hi Marie, it’s difficult to find. I saw it in a shop in Booterstown last year and then it’s taken me to find it again in Holland & Barrett in Grafton Street, Dublin city centre. If you need a sugar fix it’s spot on (when the agave etc and dates are cutting it). I used to eat a lot of fudge and toffee when I was younger so it’s no wonder I can’t eat the dairy fudge anymore!!.

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