Marian’s Morsels (4): Valentine’s Picnic

Six years ago on Valentine’s Day we moved into our present home. We had got the keys one month earlier on the exact day and thought it’d be oh so “rosemantic” to move in on Valentine’s Day, big softies.

When Valentine’s Day arrived there was no cooker, fridge, or shower, ah sure the list was endless, even no bed. Yet it was home. There was also a lot of outstanding work to be done. At last, though, we could move out of the one-bed apartment and into our own “four walls” again.

So in celebration of that night exactly six years ago we re-lived the picnic of the night. The wooden boxes (our shelving and coffee table) have thankfully been replaced and we have a “sink right into” comfortable sofa.  The other bits and bobs got sorted along the way.

“Memory Lane Picnic”

So last night it was spelt bread sandwiches a flask of tea and some cake along with a bottle of sparkly – ever so sophisticated. Later on we did have a proper meal. Back to our picnic I had picked up a nice Valentine’s set of a blackboard, heart sprinkles and tokens on one of the local shops. The blackboard was supposed to just say “Happy Valentine’s Day” beside the candle. As it turned out we used it to reminisce. We’d write down bits of the past to see if the other would remember. Then that would start a chain of other events that cropped up. If you ever get the chance it’s really worth doing as you’d be amazed of some of the great moments you’d forgotten.

Yep there was no mention of flowers, boxes of chocolates and the card swapping is well gone. It’s was never me and I don’t see why I should succumb on such a commercial day, I’m lucky Tony feels the same.

Did you celebrate Valentine’s or just plain not interested?

Anyway if you didn’t get a chance to enjoy Valentine Day with your someone special, here’s a novel idea from Journeying Beyond Cancer. Let’s turn “V” day into “G” day

Whatever you’re doing, hope it’s enjoyable. Chat soon. Marian


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