Supper Clubbing at The Barn@Fellowsfield

The Barn @ Fellowsfield

It was so relaxing and fun to attend The Barn @ Fellowsfield Supper Club on 16 December last. It was shortly before Christmas, a right wintery night and snow threatened. Greeting us on arrival was this large-flamed roaring fire from the beautiful rustic stone dining-room fireplace which warmed us up immediately. Tony (one of the owners) welcomed us like we were old pals calling in for a quick chat.  The whole night was like this – informal and welcoming, we kept reminding ourselves that we were paying guests.

As with supper clubs you are one of many other guests. So the whole night depends on how everyone gels together. Well all I can say is that we laughed our socks off. The other group of about 8 were the funniest people we’ve ever met. There were plenty of stories that crept out like how the company owner finally discovered why she couldn’t keep babysitters when her daughter was a child, how another got a lot of free DIY jobs done. But you know it’s like spilling the beans on friends and well what is said at a dinner table should stay there – I hope you agree?


The Vegetable Garden in Summer time

The food you eat is from the farm, where possible.  Take the vegetarian meal (especially prepared for wee auld me) was steamed Italian kale, roasted beetroot and red onion with carrots and parsnip, a few spuds with avocado- all from their garden. The oil used was a rapeseed produced in Derry. All were sprinkled with fresh rosemary from the green House. By the way the parsnip, carrot and kale weren’t picked until 4 pm that afternoon. And to finish off the ducks obliged as fresh poached duck eggs topped it all off. It had been touch and go if the eggs were going to be there.  Now to me that’s just magical. Doubt a farmer or someone else relying on the eggs for their breakfast would agree, Tony also did a delicious twist with the potatoes and avocado and made them into a mash which I’d never tried before.

The starter was a zingy citrus bursting fruit salad sprinkled throughout with freshly chopped mint. For me the main was above, while everyone else enjoyed their meat dishes.  I finished off with a indulgent dark chocolate poached pear with toasted almonds – scrumptious.

Dark chocolate, poached pear with toasted almonds

All in all a truly enjoyable supper experience for my first one I was impressed how much work the hosts put into them.

I’ve been to the Barn again in January and had a soup. If you ever get the chance to visit you must ask Tony to prepare you his pea and chili soup – a revelation – a vibrant green, warming soup which we all gobbled it up. A perfect soup for a wintery night.

More to come…I’ll have more on The Barn tomorrow, chat then. (A Kilcock Hidden Gem) By the way the photos of the front of the Barn and the vegetable garden are with kind permission from Tony Parkes, co-owner of The Barn.

For more information on The Barn check out



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3 Comments on “Supper Clubbing at The Barn@Fellowsfield”

  1. January 26, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    What a delightful description of a cosy winter’s evening with laughter, companionship and great food – I am salivating over that dessert!

    • January 26, 2012 at 8:32 pm #

      Hi Marie, it’s was lip-licking good. Most places have the pear too hard, they got it just right.


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