Marian’s Morsels (1): Lemon Juice or Balsamic Vinegar Dressings

Lemon Drizzle:
I’ve have used a drizzle of lemon juice over salads for years.  It’s a fall-back to when I used to eat them when I was younger.  The citrus zing makes my eyes water and face scrunch up but I still enjoy them.  A bit like tart gooseberries before they get all soft and squidgy, which  I truly hate by the way.  Back to the  lemon juice though I find it really does spruce up a salad giving it a lovely vibrant zesty zing. A light drizzle is usually enough.

Balsamic Drizzle: 

A few years back a very helpful waitress gave me the balsamic tip. I was stuck yet again with a dry boring salad. None of the dressings on offer were suitable due to my intolerances.

When she suggested very lightly drizzling balsamic vinegar over the salad just to add flavour I remember Tony and I both looked at her in disbelief. She assured us it would work. It did and I’ve been interchanging it with the lemon juice ever since.


Either of these are great with baked chipped spuds, chips and of course salads.

Last weekend I was at The Barn in Fellowsfield and the owner added lemon juice to oil as my dressing, it was delicious. I’d heard of it but you know I never felt the need to experiment. Which reminds me I must add ‘experiment with dressings’ to my list of To Dos.

Do you use either of these or have a better tip ? Are you experimenting with new recipes this year or will you stick to your old favourites?

Better head off I’ve a list of stuff to get done as long as my arm. Lots of fun and happiness to you all this week, let’s ensure it’s a successful one for us all!

Leave any comments below and I’ll get back for a chat as soon as I can.  



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