Homemade Bircher & Day 2 – Vegan Challenge

What a cold, crisp morning, folks my tootsies are like block of ice.  For some reason one of us turned off the heating last night so am trying to warm up here.  Anyway Day 2 of the Vegan Kickstart done and so far so good. Also here’s a link to the Vegan Kickstart menu plan if you’re interested and for reference. I deviated a bit due to other commitments but keeping vegan, of course. I was expecting to be hungry for some reason so thankfully I wasn’t.

At last one of my own recipes, first recipe of the year. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, and what better place than on the Vegan Kickstart?  I was on a healthy eating course last year (seems to long ago now, but it was only in November) and the topic of breakfast cropped up.  The speaker suggested Bircher which she explained was  just some cereal, nuts and fruit which could be soaked overnight in apple juice. So here’s what I came up with.

Breakfast – Homemade Bircher


It was supposed to be Veggie Burger which I was looking forward to making for the first time but sure heck you just can’t help it when you have to rush out and have lunch with a friend.  I had a mix of side dishes consisting of spinach, green beans, red cabbage, baked potato and mixed salad and some nuts.

Snack: Apple with hazelnut butter

Evening Meal: On the go again and had beetroot in toast sandwiches. I hadn’t expected this to be nice but when it’s an icy dark night and you’re waiting for a talk to begin this cold toastie, coupled with a warm green tea from my flask, was just warming and filling.  It also kept me awake and alert which is unusual as I’m usually wall falling come 8.00 o’clock.

So far so good!  Hope you enjoy the bircher, let me know if you try it, I was surprised at how delicious it was without any sweetener. The chopped nuts added a nice crunchy texture too with the fruit adding a welcome sweetness.

Are you detoxing after the Christmas indulgences or like me experimenting with new foods on your quest for healthier eating? Must hop off I need to do a bit of physical work like washing etc to get the bod warmed up.  Heating hurry up and heat house! So long for now!  Marian


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