Christmas Buzz begins with Christmas Granola, Mince pies & Apple Tart

Hi All,

I know it’s been a few weeks since I blogged but a few little hiccups got in the way.  Among the many hiccups our gas boiler broke down and we were in survival mode for a few days.  My whole life revolved around heating ourselves. Of course it happened around the coldest few days we had up to then, but sure that’s when these things happen, right?  Luckily though it was only a cheap job. It took about 3 hours that night before the sting from the cold was out of all the rooms and bed was so snuggly comfortable that night. The fella from Glimmer Gas was with us at 6.30pm and still had four house calls to make.

Surprisingly boilers were breaking down all over the place those few days which explained why it had been so difficult for us to get anyone to look at the boiler sooner.

Then I lost my glasses and could only stay online in little spasms as my eyes would tire out.  In the middle of all that I started my Christmas shopping and found it very difficult not to buy my father-in-law presents anymore. I really enjoyed buying Tosh his favourite whiskey and other goodies that made him smile.  This year I saw tons of gifts that he’d have loved and cherished as only he could do.  As you know he passed away in October after being very sick this year.  Both Tony and myself were hit hard with his loss and I suppose I just hadn’t expected this to hit that hard. But sure these feelings happen to us all, don’t they?

But enough of this it’s Christmas Time and more importantly Christmas shopping and Christmas prep are upon us. I find all of it lots of fun, Tony keeps butting in though that it’s just the love of spending money that excites me – really men they just don’t understand. I think he just gets great fun out of slagging me off which all in all only adds to the enjoyment. You know sometimes I think I enjoy the prep more than Christmas as the prep lasts for weeks, Christmas Day, well it’s just one day!

Good News: Christmas Planning begins in earnest 

Well at lunchtime I found my glasses on the road outside our house after a week being lost. Yesterday my Christmas prep began. First off my homemade granola, then some spelt apple tarts, pizza bases and breads, the last three are now in freezer ready for use. Don’t know about you but I always fancy something normal on St Stephen’s Day after the Christmas Day indulgences, the apple tart does it for me.  All of the above (except for the apple tart which is on the blog can be found in my new book).

Also I’ve a new mincemeat recipe which has been maturing for the last week.  I’m looking forward to making mince pies later. I’m trying it out with no added cane or beet sugar (only what’s in the ingredients already). Exciting developing a new recipe I get goosebumps.  Let’s hope it works or I’m back to my sugar-laden one at this late stage.

So as I catch my breath and get some recipes written up for the blog here are a few delicious ideas to keep you going.  I intend to try these myself.

Beetroot Soup

Brussel Sprouts from The Kitchn: This looks really simple. If you are also fish intolerant, which I am, then I intend to switch the fish sauce for just sea salt flakes.

Luscious Leeks & Walnuts: VegSoc UK

Chai Rooiboos Steeping Bags:

Laura Coxeter’s Raw Chocolate Ganache Tart: River Cottage site
Vegan Christmas Cake: The Hungry Vegan

Will be back with some of my own recipe blogs over the coming days, no point next week, now is there!


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