Micky Shea he was a blacksmith….

Hi, this is unusual one for a food blog but I’m asking for help if you can.

When I was young (under 10), my grandfather used to travel around the length and breath of Ireland, sometimes I was lucky enough to go with him. The whole day was spent listening to his wonderful stories. He’d often quizz me on the various animal and bird names we pass along the way. I was hopeless at the quiz but loved the fun of it. I think he got more fun out my valiant efforts to come up with their names. Always remember him smiling at me as I tried.  As we came from a troubled family those very rare days were special highlights to me.  The memories are all I have except for these two verses of a poem which, as far as he told me, were never written down.  It was by word of mouth only .

Every now and then I recall and say the two verses over in my head a few times so I don’t forget.  Last week I got a bit of a fright as I momentarily forgot the first line.  I panicked, what if I had forgotten it?  The only memorabilia of a great man gone. Well that and knowing he was one of the greatest tenors in Ireland in his younger days. Luckily I remembered the two verses later that night, phew. Since then I’ve been saying it every day.

Yesterday I thought it’d be a good idea to write it down, oh all the old folk will turn in their graves. Seriously though, I hate seeing these old traditions being lost.  Maybe on seeing this it may encourage others to start a word of mouth tradition in their family.  So here are the first two verses, Enjoy.

Oh by the way it has to be said in your best country accent!  Remember this was in a time no mobile cars, computers and the good old faithful car was a luxury (no traffic jams can you imagine that).

Michy Shea he was a blacksmith and he came from Mullinahoe
He lately made a motor car, an invention of his own
And when the neighbours heard it, sure they came from near and far
And gazed with great astonishment at Micky’s motor car

The wheels he made of iron and the tyres he stuffed with straw
And the number plate he hung behind sure to satisfy the law

If anyone has the next two paragraphs I’d love to hear them as sadly my grandfather had just found out the next two to teach me but passed away before he could do so.

I know a bit of a strange one for a Monday morning but I suppose sentimentality has no limits.

Hope you have the very best of weeks.



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