Handy Tip 1: Vanilla Xylitol

Although I am on a personal mission to reduce my cane and beet sugar to zero mainly to stop the energy drain with it. There are times when a dessert just could do with that texture or a friend drops by and they just want sugar.  Which leads me to Xylitol.  I’m on a bit of a trial and error stage with it at the moment.  I find it works well if you only want a light sweetness.  Still have to check out how it goes as a sugar replacement in cakes.

So the reason I’m writing this little tip.  I came across the Xylitol a few weeks back in my local health store – The Health Shop in Blackrock.

Not content with just using it as is  I put a vanilla pod in an airtight jar along with 500g of Xylitol.  After a couple of weeks a wonderful aroma of vanilla wafted through the air when I opened the jar.  The xylitol appears to have a strong aroma of the vanilla so delighted I now have a replacement for Vanilla Sugar.
On tests so far it seems to be working well and have just re-filled the jar with more Xylitol.

Ah sweet smell of success! I know the doesn’t take much to bring a smile but I am delighted to have found this.  Have you tried this before?  Do you have any other great store cupboard tricks that have helped you on a restricted diet to widen your pantry basics?


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