Dairy-free Baked Eggs

Dairy-free baked eggsHi all I haven’t been posting for most of the summer but family, life and a week’s holiday got in the way.

A bit of a laugh with vegetables

To get back in the swing of things I did a quick skip around the web and came across The Kitchn.  You all know how I love a good laugh, especially in the morning so this was achieved by their post on Frisky Garden Vegetables, more here… http://goo.gl/ifV4g

Baked Eggs

As I had a quick look down The Kitchn page I noticed a recipe for baked eggs and some vegetables on a pan. So before even looking at the recipe I trotted off to my own kitchen to make just baked eggs, quick and easy. At that hour of the morning I didn’t want anything too tasking.

I’ve never tasted or made them before so didn’t know what to expect, exciting no? Now I probably overcooked them, ok so I did, but given it takes me two hours to wake up lately I think it wasn’t half bad for someone in drowsy mode. Anyway just when you thought you couldn’t have baked eggs as they have cream, butter and whatever else, fear not maid marian to the rescue, probably shouldn’t have said that either but still in drowsy mode.


2 free-range or organic eggs
2 knobs of dairy-free spread

I didn’t use any seasoning as if you use really good quality eggs I find there is no need, but given that if Tony had been here he’d still have put some salt on, ah men, you have to love them.

The Work Part!

Preheat your oven to 190 degrees Fan.

Grease a ramekin with the dairy-free spread and then crack your eggs right in, removing any rogue shell that decides to find it’s way in.

Once the oven is ready place the ramekin on the middle-shelf and leave to bake for about twelve minutes.

Serve with crusty bread and a mug of freshly brewed coffee.

Oh I’m back on the coffee so long as it is freshly brewed.  I can’t take the instant coffee anymore.  It used to be handy in the mornings but the bod just won’t allow it.

There you go, breakfast finished, it’s on to do some work.  Hope you have a rewarding day with lots of great news pouring in to get ready for the weekend.

Have you a quick wonder recipe you found by accident? Talk later… Marian


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