Friday’s Fun Bits No.6: Easy Carob Sauce

I came across this spread in the local Health Store the other day.  When I got it home instead of using it straight from jar the I decided to add a few ingredients to put a different twist on it.

Makes: 1 + 1/2 cups or 400ml

200g Carobio Carob Hazel Spread
1 cup of Soya Cream (single)
4 tablespoons of Honey
2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract
2 teaspoons Maple Syrup

Mix them all together in a bowl and use straight away.

It’s a handy quick sauce and I used it as a chocolate over ice cream and drizzled over a cake.

Carobio Hazel Spread:
This spread comes from Biona Organic and has a lovely smooth texture and a very strong flavour.  It reminds me of dark chocolate with cocoa solids over 70%, My family tasters found it delicious with the additional ingredients which tone down it’s very strong flavour.  

Orange Oil Variation & Tip :
The first time I tried this I put orange oil in to see what effect it would have. There was just a hint of the oil and gave an extra dimension which was really nice. I love finding an extra flavour in things that I wasn’t expecting (has to be a nice flavour mind).

Just a word of caution, just add in a couple of drops  of the orange oil at a time. It is fairly potent and very little goes a long way.  I only used 2 drops in this. Overdo it and you’ll spoil your wonderful creation (which I did a few months back with something else, I can honestly say definitely not worth it).

Baking Day:
I’m busy baking today pity the sun has just gone in as baking is so much more enjoyable when it’s shining.

I promised photos from the breakfast last weekend but the natural lighting was so bad (which I tend to rely on a lot being a novice photographer) I wasn’t pleased with the results.  So on to this  weekend but the forecast isn’t great, maybe the weather forecasters have got it wrong – here’s hoping.

Love to hear how you get on with this sauce.  Are you on a baking day today, like to share below what you’re making?

I’m trying to turn this sauce into a mousse, at present it’s in the fridge, will let you know how I get on…

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Talk soon. Best Wishes, Marian


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