Friday’s Fun Bits#3: Open Tomato & Onion Sandwich

 My fun bit today is taking time out to have one of my all time favourite quick lunches.   It’s also good for an uplifting mid-afternoon snack.

When I was younger (in my teens) I used white sliced bread (no other choice) but now it’s fresh wholegrain bread.  I add in broccolli shoots just to add more nutrition without any effort.

2 slices of wholegrain bread
2-3 tomatoes
1/2 white onion
broccolli shoots
(or other shoots or sprouts you like but this is optional)

Place the two slices of wholegrain bread on a plate.

Using a knife layer each slice with some dairy free spread (more than likely soya-based, this will help the topping to stay on the bread and give some extra moistness.

Chop the tomatoes and half a white onion into nice small pieces and arrange on the bread.

Top off with broccolli or onion shoots (if you have them) or sprinkle some pepper.

Sit near a window with the sun shining in and if you can looking out at a garden and give yourself a half an hour. Today I’m finishing it off a herbal tea and some brack (which is dairy-free), yummy moist and delicious.

Friday Feeling:
As today is Friday I’m looking forward to the weekend as I’m selecting recipes for the Recipe Testers who have joined up.  I’m so excited and hope they have as much fun as I’ve had with the recipes.

Most of the rest of the weekend will be spent with Tony.  He’s busier then usual lately so I haven’t seen much of him. Well I mean to say is that I’ve seen him alright but as I constantly say his body might be here but his mind is in work.  I know we all have them but I’ve put the proverbial foot down and declared this weekend work free.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend too and of course the sun stays shining Enjoy your week and healthy eating and looking forward to chatting next week.

Best Wishes, Marian

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