My Herb Garden begins with Rosemary

My first herb (rosemary) for my long awaited  herb and vegetable garden.  

It all started a few months back when a friend gave me a sprig of rosemary from her garden to use with my chicken dish later that day. The rosemary sprig had such a lovely shape I stored it in a glass jar at first for decoration but as the roots started to appear it was time to pot it.

I’m delighted that it is growing happily now. When my little herb garden is up and functional the rosemary will take pride of place. 

Do you grow your own herbs? Love to hear how you’re getting on?  Besides other herbs I’m thinking of adding garlic and varieties of lettuce and hopefully carrots, what do you think, are they good ones for a total novice to start with? I’d welcome your helpful input on this.

Will keep you posted on progress. 

Be in touch soon.  Marian (Having fun with my food intolerances)


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Home cook, Irish food blogger and live a plant-based lifestyle. I also co-own of with my hubs where you'll find online courses, vegan chocolates and lots more to help a transition to a plant-based diet or live with someone who is a carnivore.


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