Friday’s Fun Bits#1: Garlic Soya “Butter”

Garlic Soya “Butter”

Earlier in the afternoon there’ was a battle raging with the sun and rain.  The thunder even deciding to butt in every now and then.   Eventually a blast of heavy hail stones softened the thunder’s cough and the Sun Won – Yipee.   I’m ususally terrified of thunder but I had funky jazz music turned up loud to amuse me.  So safely closetted on my sofa, laptop primed, sipping my cup of Green Tea I wrote my very first Friday’s Fun Bits.

Roll on the weekend, lots of baking and photos to take, looking forward to it.  

A few weeks back I came across a soya dairy-free spread in a local Superquinn store.  It’s called ‘Pure’ from Kerry Foods and you can find more information on Here’s a quickie when stuck for time.

Garlic Soya “Butter”

150g ‘Pure’ Soya spread
1 tablespoon ground Garlic (adjust to your liking) 
2 teaspoons Mixed Herbs (dry)

Measure them all into a bowl.  Combine well, either use straight away or place in a sealed container and place in fridge for later use. 

Salad, chicken wings & Garlic Soiya Buttered Bread

For tea tonight we spread some on my homemade white spelt bread and toasted to serve with a salad (as in picture).  Also good as a side to a curried mince dish as we did last weekend.

Hope you find this recipe opens up a few food options, it has mine,  wonder what I’m going to use it on next? 

Have you got any variations, love to hear them? 

Having Fun with my Intolerances.   Talk soon Marian.


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